How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number

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Hello Friends, I Hope you all are well. In Today’s Article, We are Going to discuss How to Activate a Banned Whatsapp Number Commonly Every Whatsapp User have no idea What to do after Whatsapp Banned Your Number and then User Changed her Whatsapp Number and Creating a New Whatsapp Account But I am 100% Sure that After Reading this Article to the Ending you would get a Beautiful Solution for Activating the Banned Whatsapp Number.

This Account is Not Allowed to Use Whatsapp Due to Spam

Nowadays This Error has Commonly Occurred for Almost Whatsapp Users  Which are Don’t Know about Whatsapp Policies and if they Go against Whatsapp Terms & Conditions Whatsapp Instantly Blocked the Users By Poping-Up This Massage “ This Account is Not Allowed to Use Whatsapp Due to Spam “

After Reading this Message Every User Thinks that her Whatsapp Account is Permanently Blocked and there is no solution to resolve this problem they Create a New Whatsapp Account With New Whatsapp Number But they Don’t Know the Solution to Resolve this Problem and that’s Why I am Writing an Article on this Topic for Solving this Whatsapp Problem. I Have Mentioned Some Steps Below Please Follow the Steps Even if You Want to Resolve your Whatsapp Problem.

Steps to Resolve “ This Account is Not Allowed to Use Whatsapp Due to Spam “

  • Open “Whatsapp
  • After Opening Whatsapp a New Vertical Dialogue Box is Open Now You Have to Put Your Banned Whatsapp Number With Country Code That you Want to Recover.
  • After Entering your Whatsapp Number with your Country Code Now You Have to Click Next
  • After Clicking Next a Pop-up is shown where Whatsapp Says to Confirm Your Number After Confirming your Number then Click OK
  • After Clicking OK You See another Dialogue Box Where Whatsapp Wants your Verification to Proceed Next. For Confirm your Verification Whatsapp Sents a 6 Digit Code to Your Phone Number Which you Entered before
  • After Receiving Confirmation Code from Whatsapp You’ve to Enter the 6-Digit Code in the Dialogue Box and then Click Confirm to Complete Your Verification.
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number

When You have Completely Done Your Whatsapp Verification Then a Message is Shown like “ This Account is Not Allowed to Use Whatsapp Due to Spam “ if your Whatsapp is Not facing an issue or Whatsapp has Not Blocked Your Account then you may directly Go to Your Whatsapp Home Screen where you sent or receive messages.

But What to do Next When Whatsapp this Message Occurred “ This Account is Not Allowed to Use Whatsapp Due to Spam “  After Completing Whatsapp Verification.

To Solve the Problem you Have to Follow the Below Steps:-

  • On the Below Side of This Message “ This Account is Not Allowed to Use Whatsapp Due to Spam “  You See a Button “ Request a Review “ Click on it.
  • After Clicking Whatsapp Redirects you to a New Dialogue Box Where you Have to Submit Your Feedback Through Text to Whatsapp Don’t Worry about What to write in the feedback because I have mentioned the feedback below Please Copy the following words and Replace Your Number with my number and then Click on “ Submit ”
Greetings, Dear Whatsapp Team.
I hope you are doing Greate. My request is that I am using WhatsApp for the first time and I didn't know about WhatsApp Policies and My Whatsapp Account Got Banned. So now I will follow all WhatsApp policies in the future please unban my WhatsApp. Just give me last chance. Dear WhatsApp team, looking forward to your support.
  • After Clicking on “ Submit “ Whatsapp Redirects you to a new Page where It Said “ Your Request is Successfully Submitted “Whatsapp Usually Takes 24 Hours or Less to Review Your Request and Recover your Account.
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number

After a few hours, You will get This type of Dialogue Box as Shown in the Below Picture and its meaning is that your account is successfully recovered. In Some Cases, it takes more than 24 hours or in Normal Cases, it takes less than 10 hours to respond to your feedback from WhatsApp But You have to Take Some Patience and Don’t Sent Multiple Requests to Whatsapp.

How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number

Whatsapp Permanent Ban Solution

Hey, Welcome to the second part of the Whatsapp Account Ban Problem. In This Paragraph, we will discuss How to Recover Your Whatsapp Account whenever you face a “ Whatsapp Permanent Ban “ In the above paragraph we will discuss the Temporary Whatsapp Ban which is occurred when you start spamming on Whatsapp and also it’s very easy to Recover But Now we have to discuss the solution of “ Whatsapp Permanent Ban “ So Let’s Talk.

Steps to Recover Whatsapp Permanent Ban

  • First of all, Go to the Official Website of Whatsapp
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number
  • Click On “Three Lines
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number
  • Click the “Get in Touch” Button
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number
  • Click “Contact Us
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number

After Following the Above Steps you Should see a Web Page Where Whatsapp Asks You for Some information like email address, Phone no, etc. Now You have to fill in the details by following the Below Steps:-

  • First, you have to Select Your “Country Code
  • After Selecting the Country Code Now you Have to Enter your Phone Number Which was Banned By Whatsapp.
  • Then You Have to Enter Your Valid Email Address
  • After Entering a Valid Email Address Click on “Next Step
  • Now Choose Your “Phone Version
  • Now Fill the Message in the Dialogue Box By Copying the Below Text I’ve Provided and Paste the Text in the Dialogue Box and Click “Next Step Must Replace Your Banned Whatsapp Number with my Number Before Proceeding Next
Greetings, Dear WhatsApp Team.
I hope you are doing well. I was using WhatsApp for the first time and I didn't know how to use WhatsApp. So due to this, my WhatsApp account got banned. So now after reading all WhatsApp policies I request you to unban my WhatsApp account. In the future, I will use WhatsApp according to all WhatsApp policies. Looking forward to your support.

My Banned Whatsapp Number: +923555666666
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number

  • After Following the Steps You Sent your Request to Whatsapp Very Easily usually It takes 2-3 Business Days to Review your Message and Unbanned your Whatsapp Account But Sometimes it takes less than 1 Day. So Now Keep Patience and Wait for Whatsapp Response and InshALLAH Within a few Days Your Whatsapp Account is Successfully Recovered
  • Now Click on the “Sent Question” Button
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number
  • After Clicking you see a Dialogue Box Where Whatsapp Said that Your Question has been Sent.
How to Activate the Banned Whatsapp Number


We Have Found Many Frequently Asked Questions But In This Short Paragraph, We Have Chosen the Mostly Ask Questions For Every Whatsapp User So if You are a Whatsapp User then Read this Paragraph at the end.

Can we Unban a Whatsapp Number Which id Ban By Whatsapp?

Yes, You Can Easily able to Unban the Whatsapp Number Which was Blocked or Banned by Whatsapp by following the steps I mentioned below in this article.

How long does it take to unban a number on WhatsApp?

Usually, it takes 24-48 Hours But Most Commonly it takes less than 24 hours to Respond to Your Message from Whatsapp.

Can Using GB Whatsapp Ban Your Whatsapp Accounts?

Most GB Whatsapp Users Complaint this issue that their accounts are Permanently Blocked by Whatsapp When they Start Using GB Whatsapp.


Mostly Whatsapp Accounts are Banned Because they Sent illegal things or Started Spamming on Whatsapp Keep in mind that Whatsapp Hates those users the most who start spamming on her platform and they Permanently Blocked their Accounts from Whatsapp But in this Article, I am Telling you that solution of Whatsapp Account Blocking I mean How to Recover WhatsApp account even Whatsapp Banned Your Account.

I am sure that After following the Steps I tell you in this article you would easily be able to Recover your Whatsapp account if you occurred any other problem or your account is not recovered after following these steps then please feel free to contact us we will reply you as soon as we can. Good Luck

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