How to Apply for Payoneer Card

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How are you, friends? hope you are all well. In today’s wonderful article we are going to find out “How to Apply for Payoneer Card” Apart from Main Topic, we have covered many different topics in our previous articles, And in today’s article, we are going to follow the same format As this is our main topic today “How to Apply for Payoneer Card” So let’s discuss it first.

How to Apply for Payoneer Card

Following are the Steps for Apply for Payoneer Card:-

  • Open Payoneer and Click on “Order Card
Order Payoneer Card
Order Payoneer Card

Open Payoneer App or Web. After Opening You will see Different Currencies Now Click on “Order Card” at the little bottom of the currency.

  • Choose “Physical Card” and Click “Next
Physical Payoneer Card
Physical Payoneer Card

After Clicking on “Order Card” Now you will see Two Options Where you have to Choose which Card You want, Physical or Virtual from here you have to click on “Physical

  • Choose Currency and Click “Next
Payoneer Card Currencie
Payoneer Card Currencie

After Choosing “Physical Card” Now you have to choose currencie and Click “Next

  • Add the Shipping Address and Click “Next
Shipping Address for Payoneer Card
Shipping Address for Payoneer Card

After Choosing Currency Now you have to Fill the Shiping Address where you want to Deliver the card.

  • Choose “Standard Deliver” and Click “Order Card
Standard Delivery for Payoneer Card
Standard Delivery for Payoneer Card

After Sumbitting the Shipping Address Now you will See Two Options:- First Delivery Option is “Standard Delivery” where you don’t need to pay any cost in the other Option you have to Pay Money and the Delivery Time is to Short But the Recommended way is Standard Delivery and Click “Order Card

After Clicking on “Order Card” Your Card Request is Successfuly Submitted. it usualy takes 25 Days to Deliver Payoneer Card at the Address you’ve Provided.


Can I withdraw money from Payoneer without card?

Yes, OfCourse You Can Simply WIthdraw your Payoneer Balance to your Local Bank Without Payoneer Card.

How much time it takes to deliver a Payoneer card

It Usually Takes 20-25 Days But Some Times it takes Longer.

Is Payoneer card a debit card?

Yes, Payoneer Provides Debit Card. You can also use Payoneer Debit Card at your Local ATM Machines.


In this article, I am telling you the solution of your problem “How to Apply for Payoneer Card” I hope you guys like the method. I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Payoneer Debit Card If you haven’t read them, I urge you to read them now ^-^

If you are still facing any problems even after following this. Then definitely let us know by commenting below. if you have occurred any serious problem then you can also contact us we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for Reading By.

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