How to Cancel Dominos Order

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How are you guys hope you all are well in today’s article we are going to learn how to Cancel Domino’s order If you’ve made a mistake or something else and you want to cancel the order from Dominos, let’s find out how you can cancel your order today.

If you have placed an order once and wish to cancel it, So can you cancel? The answer is yes, you can definitely cancel the order I think you will not cancel your order because of small reasons if you have given your address wrong or your mood may have changed or you may have other reasons to cancel Dominos’s Order You will then cancel your order.

How to Track Your Domino’s Order?

By the way, if you’ve placed an order with Domino’s and you want to cancel, First you will see where your order has reached For this you will have to track your order So let’s just know in some steps how we can track your domino’s order.

  • Open “Domino’s App

First of all, go to the screen of your mobile phone and Open the Dominos App if installed if Not installed then Go to PlayStore and install it.

  • Click “Three Lines

After opening the App you see three lines at the top you have to click on it

  • Click “Track Order

After clicking on Three Lines you will see many options from which you have to click on “Track Order”

  • Click on “Track

After Clicking on Track Order Option you will see the order which you Placed And on its Right side, you see the “Track” button you have to click on it

  • Now Check your Order Status

Now you See all the details of your Order from Dominos

Track Dominos Order from Browser

It is not necessary that you have Dominos app so you can Track orders but you can do it by opening the browser in your laptop or computer or even on any mobile. So come on, Let’s See How to Track Dominos Order from Browser

  • Search “Track Dominos Order” On Google

First of all, open Google Chrome or any other browser from your mobile and open Google in the Browser and Search “Track Dominos Order

After entering you have many websites but all of them are wrong and they will not get any results for you. You have to click on the “” website.

  • After Opening the Website Enter “Mobile Number” and “Order id

This website will be in, and you will see the same interface as you were seeing in the mobile App, now you can enter your “mobile number” and “Order id” and click on “Submit”

  • Order Status is Shown

And that’s how you can track your Domino’s order through the browser. Hope you understand very well

How to Cancel Dominos Order

So guys you also want to cancel your dominos order so let’s know how we can cancel our dominos’s order it may be a little long process but I can tell you with 100% guarantee that after that you will be able to cancel your order very easily from Dominos. So Let’s Get to the Point

  • Open “Dominos App” From Your Mobile

Open Domino’s app in your mobile and if it is not installed then go to play store and install it then open it

  • Click on “Three Lines

And as soon as you open your dominos’s App, you will see a three-line icon at the top that you have to click on.

  • Click on “Contact Us

And then you will get many options from which you have to click on “Contact Us

  • Click on “Message Box”

Then you will see a chat room on which you have to click on the message box

  • Type a Message “Cancel My Order” and Sent the Message

Then you have to type and send a message to cancel your order

  • Your Order is Cancelled Successfully

As you can see you can cancel your order this way but remember you can cancel it when you are done placing your order. I hope you understand this state but canceling an Order is not a difficult task, The Problem comes when you want to get your money back, then what to do to get the money back, let’s find out

How to Get a Refund for Dominos Order

I will not explain to you in too much detail because you will get confused I will tell you in few steps for getting a refund from dominos. Let’s move on to the topic

  • Click “Three Lines” in the Upper Left Side

At the top, you will see three lines which you have to click on

  • Click “Contact Us

Then you will see a variety of options. You Have to Click on “Contact Us

  • Click on “Queries and feedback

Then you will see a chat room with lots of message suggestions in front of you You have to Click on “Queries and feedback”

  • Click “Select

You will see Your Orders and below you will see a select button click on it

  • Click on “Refund issue

Then you will see four Options now as messages, you have to click on “Refund issue

  • Dominos Call You within 24 hours

If you click on the refund issue, you will get a message from Dominos, which says that within 24 hours Dominos team Contact You at the Number you Provided in the Order After they Call, You Share your Thoughts with Dominos and Request for a Refund and they 100% Provide you the Refund of your Order.


How to Cancel Dominos Order?

To Cancelling Dominos Order you have to Contact Dominos Customer Support and Ask to Cancel your Order. And I also Told you in this Article with images about How to Cancel Dominos Order. You Can Check

How do I get a refund from Dominos?

To Get a Refund from Dominos, you have to Contact her Customer Support and Request for Your Canceled Order Refund.

Domino’s customer service email?

If you are a member of the media and have a question, please emailĀ

What is the Contact Number of Dominos?

This is the Customer Service Number of Dominos (734) 930-3030.


I think this is not difficult to cancel your order but the problem is created when you want to get a refund for your canceled order from dominos. In this article, I will explain to you in detail How to Get Refund from Dominos. I hope you like our techniques if you get any errors while applying our steps then Must Comment the errors below or you can also contact us we will respond to you as soon as we can Take Care By.

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