How to Delete Snapchat Group

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How are you friends, I hope you are all well, In this Article, I am going to tell you “How to Delete Snapchat Group” This question is asked a lot whenever it comes to Snapchat So let me solve your question today and answer you how you can delete your Snapchat account.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an American app Developed by Snap Inc. The special feature of Snapchat is that you can Capture images and videos by Applying Different Types of filters. This app has a very special filters and that’s why this app is used a lot. Snapchat has 332 Million Daily Active Users This App Ranks at 12th Most Used Social Media Platforms. From a Snapchat Report It has been found that 5 billion pictures are taken every day through this Snapchat.

You can also use this app as a social media platform to send and receive messages or even upload Your Photos and Videos Then you will also use this App but some problems is coming to people while using this app The problem is not with the app but rather the Users don’t know how to Solve the problem Here in the article I am going to solve you a problem of snapchat “How to Delete Snapchat Group” So let’s learn about this.

Steps to Delete Snapchat Group

By the way, On Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform there is very easy to leave a Group from Chats But some people don’t know how you can leave a group in your Snapchat account. Let me solve your problem

  • Open Your “Snapchat” App
How to Delete Snapchat Group

Turn on your mobile if you have snapchat installed in your mobile then open it if not then go to play store and install it then open Snapchat App

  • Click on “Chats” icon
How to Delete Snapchat Group

After opening your Snapchat app and you will see four options at the bottom The second option you see out of these four Options you have to Click on it

  • Select the “Group
How to Delete Snapchat Group

After Clicking the Option your chats will be there, and you have to select the Group which you want to delete

  • Click on “Profile Photo
How to Delete Snapchat Group

When you Open the group, you will see a profile photo at the top of the group You have to click on it

  • Click on “Three Dots
How to Delete Snapchat Group

After Opening the Group you see the messages which you sent or received now you have to Click on “Three Dots” in Top Right Side

  • Click on “Leave Group
How to Delete Snapchat Group

After Clicking on Three Dots then you will see a drop-down from the bottom in which you will see many options from the bottom. Of which now Click on “Leave Group

Why my Snapchat Group is Not Deleted After Leaving

You can leave your group using the method I told you above, but you may be thinking that I have to delete my group, but that is not the case at all Because Snapchat Doesn’t Provide you the Option to Delete Your Group. But there is a situation in which you’re able to Delete the Group The situation is that when all the members of your group are Left the group and you are the only one in the group and if you leave the Group as the last member, the group will be automatically deleted. I feel like there is a bit of a messed up story but there is no other way without it.


How do you permanently delete a group chat?

Let me tell you, you can’t even delete your Snapchat group But you’re able to leave your Snapchat Group

How do I delete an entire group?

You can’t Delete your group in Snapchat But there is a situation in which you’re able to delete your Snapchat Group.
The situation is that if no member survives in your group then everyone is left your group and you remain the last member then you also leave your group then your group will be deleted.

How to Leave Group on Snapchat?

You can delete your Snapchat group by following the Steps:-
1. Open Your “Snapchat” App
2. Click on “Chats” icon
3. Select the “Group
4. Click on “Profile Photo
5. Click on “Three Dots
6. Click on “Leave Group
After Applying these Steps Your Now Leaved your Group Successfuly.


The bottom line is that you can’t delete your Snapchat account, But you can leave it And if you want to Delete Your Snapchat Group Then you have to create such a scenario or wait for it

The people in your group left the Group and Only you’re the last member of the Group and After Your leave the Group as a last member then Your Snapchat Group is Automatically Deleted. I hope you like this article very much if you have any doubt or ask anything else you can comment below or Contact us. Take Care By

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