How to Delete TikTok Stories?

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How are you, friends? I hope you all are well In Today’s Article we are going to discuss How to Delete TikTok Stories And besides, and We Will also discuss the most frequently asked queries from TikTok Users. So let’s Talk about TikTok.

What is TikTok Stories?

By the way, Stories was very popular on Facebook and Instagram, but seeing this popularity, TikTok also launched its own feature as TikTok Stories. You can create a short 15-second story on TikTok And after uploading these stories, they are Visible for up to 24 Hours, such as on other social media platforms,

So this is a great feature if you have to Wish someone or do some other small task and can’t make a video for them, you can provide it Through TikTok Stories. I think it’s not that much time-consuming and you can create and share your story within a few minutes. Honestly, I have never used this feature I don’t use TikTok but I think it might be very useful for you.

is TikTok Stories Automatically Disappears?

I think those who use Facebook and Instagram story features will experience that after 24 hours Facebook and Instagram stories are automatically invisible to the Public After 24 Hours No one is able to see your story. if you want to see the story after 24 hours, you can go to Archive and see it and I think that’s why you’re going to Archive and see how many Views your stories are, and nobody’s going to see your Story.

We can say that the TikTok stories feature has also copied Instagram and Facebook because if you Upload the TikTok story, they do the same process after 24 hours Your Story is Invisible to the Public. But it’s not like you can’t Delete your Tiktok Story before 24 hours You can delete your TikTok Stories Even before 24 hours by following some simple steps.

How to Delete TikTok Stories?

Step 01: Open TikTok App on Your Mobile.


Go to Your Mobile Home Screen and Open Official TikTok App Make Sure Before Following this Process Your TikTok App is Updated to the Latest Version. After opening the app, sign in if not already signed in.

Step 02: Click On Your Profile icon

Tiktok Profile
Tiktok Profile

After opening the app you will see four options below, in which you will see the profile icon under the right Side, click on it.

Step 03: Click On Your Profile Picture

Tiktok Story
Tiktok Story

And to delete the story you have to click on your profile picture and you will see your profile picture above your username.

Step 04: Click On Three Dots

Delete Tiktok Story
Delete Tiktok Story

After Opening the story you will see many Options in the sidebar in which you have to click on the Three Dots icon.

Step 05: Click On the “Delete” Option

Delete Tiktok Story
Delete Tiktok Story

After clicking on Three Dots then you will see many options in which you can Save your Story in a gallery but here we want to delete the story then we have to click on Delete Option

Step 06: Click Delete Again

Delete Tiktok Story
Delete Tiktok Story

After clicking on delete we will have another pop show which says Two Different Options cancel option and delete option then we have to click on Delete.

Can we Retrieve Deleted Stories On TikTok?

No, You’re Not able to Retrieve your TikTok Stories Once Unvisible to the Public After 24 Hours But You Can also see your TikTok Stories anytime After 24 Hours. Hope You Understand My Words Which I Want to Offering You.

Can we See Deleted Stories on TikTok?

Yes, As I Mentioned above if You want to see the deleted stories on TikTok Then You’re easily able to See But You would not be able to retrieve those TikTok Stories Which was invisible after 24 hours. Hope you Understand the Point.


What is the Maximum Duration of TikTok Stories?

You Cannot Make TikTok Stories more than 15 seconds

How Much time after TikTok Stories become Disappear?

After 24 Hours Your TikTok Stories Become Disappear Automatically

How Many Stories we are able to upload in a day?

There is no Perfect Answer to this Questions Because TikTok Didn’t Mention the exact number of Stories for the uploading limit but I Prefer you to upload less than 3 stories in a day because if you started uploading more stories in a day then your accounts look spammy and I think it’s not a Good Point for Your TikTok Videos Reach.

Can we Retrieve Deleted TikTok Stories?

No, You Cannot be able to Retrieve deleted TikTok Stories But You’re able to see the deleted TikTok Stories as I mentioned detailed in the above paragraph. Hope you Understand Well.


In this article, I have shared the method to Delete TikTok Stories. I hope you guys like this valuable information I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about TikTok Stories If you haven’t read them, I urge you to read them now ^-^

If you are still facing any problems even after following this. Then definitely let us know by commenting below. if you have occurred any serious problem then you can also contact us we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for Reading By.

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