GB Whatsapp Advantages and Disadvantages

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By the way, We all know that GB WhatsApp has more features than Normal WhatsApp, But you guys will be surprised to know that You may lose your data by using GB WhatsApp. And in this article, I will tell you in many details whether you should use GB WhatsApp or not.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp but a WhatsApp created by various expert developers And they have used the official source code of WhatsApp With Out Any Official License. Rather, we can also say that they have misused WhatsApp’s official Code and upgraded all the extra paid features to free for Users. GB WhatsApp is not available in the play store and you will find it on third-party sites.

By the way, GB WhatsApp has also been used a lot by me, I was very impressed with its feature. GB WhatsApp has one of the most important features Such as you can send high-resolution pictures, You can also change the icon of your app, And you can also able to hide the blue tick icon in the message. And apart from this, there were other features of GB WhatsApp which are very well explained in the following paragraph below.

is GB Whatsapp Safe?

If I had to answer in one sentence, I would tell you that even using GB WhatsApp is not without risk. WhatsApp itself says Don’t Use third-party WhatsApp because they can steal your data. it has also been seen that WhatsApp has blocked those users from its service who have sent messages using third-party WhatsApp.

You should remember that by using third-party WhatsApp, you give permission to the GB Whatsapp to access your contact list, Your Photos & Videos, etc. GB WhatsApp users should also know that if someone is trying to hack your data, they can easily be able to hack your data if you use GB WhatsApp.

Features of GB Whatsapp

  • Blue Double Check is Hidden

If you have used normal WhatsApp, you must have seen when you send a message and the other person sees the message the blue double check stands out But if you are using GB WhatsApp when someone sends you a message and you have seen it, then the Opponent does not see blue Tick.

  • You can keep your name more than 35 characters

In WhatsApp, we are not allowed to write our names in more than 35 Characters if we use GB Whatsapp we can easily keep our names in more than 35 Characters. But I think 35 characters will be enough for our name, I think this feature is good for companies and Organizations.

GB Whatsapp Features
GB Whatsapp Features

  • Contacts Limit Increases from 250 to 600

By the way, we needed this feature a lot but I think I also came to GB WhatsApp because of it As you know in normal WhatsApp we can’t contact more than 250 Users at a time whereas in GB WhatsApp we can keep 600 contacts at a time. And we all have to accept this feature because this feature was needed by everyone and everyone wants this feature.

  • Sent Upto 90 Pictures at a time

As you know, in normal WhatsApp we can’t upload more than 30 images and send them at once, while in GB WhatsApp we are able to send 90 Pictures at once I think this is also a very wonderful feature of WhatsApp.

  • You’re able to Change the GB Whatsapp App icon

I think this feature will never be launched in normal WhatsApp, it is only available in GB WhatsApp. And in this feature, it happens that you can change your GB WhatsApp icon and make it very beautiful.

Advantages of GB Whatsapp

Above I have explained the features of GB WhatsApp and I hope you guys understand well but in this paragraph, we will discuss the advantages of GB Whatsapp What benefits can you get from using GB Whatsapp?

  • Two Whatsapp Accounts

In normal WhatsApp, we can’t do more than one account use whereas if we use GB WhatsApp we are able to use 2 accounts in one WhatsApp.

  • Auto Reply

On Whatsapp Business, we can set Auto Reply But in GB Whatsapp, we can set Auto Reply for Personal Account as well.

  • GB Whatsapp Privacy

GB Whatsapp also contains more options of privacy than Normal Whatsapp. You’re able to Private Your Chats And there are other features to make your profile private.

Disadvantages of GB Whatsapp

You know Advantages but let me tell you, Its disadvantages were also many To be fair, his Disadvantages are few, but whatever he has is very dangerous

  • GB Whatsapp Server Problem

The Server Which is Provided by GB Whatsapp is not an Official Server and Might be Your data will be leaked at any time Be careful

  • Account May Suspended

As I detailed above, it has been seen that GB WhatsApp users have their accounts suspended because they use GB WhatsApp And it can happen to you too.


How to Install GB Whatsapp?

Let me tell you that for installing GB WhatsApp you can’t do it from the Play store because it is a third-party app and you can download it from third-party websites.

Which Whatsapp is Best?

By the way, there are many features in GB WhatsApp too, but In Normal Whatsapp, there is no tension of Stealing Data

is GB Whatsapp Safe?

Let me tell you very clearly that it is not safe to use this Whatsapp Because your data can be stolen anytime.

What is GBWhatsApp used for?

Most of the people are using GB WhatsApp so that they can use Paid Whatsapp features for free through GB Whatsapp


GB Whatsapp has Many features But Using GB Whatsapp is quite risky. As I Mentioned Above through GB Whatsapp Many Users Spread Spam in Whatsapp and that’s why Whatsapp has Banned those users who use GB Whatsapp.

I have Shared the Advantages and Disadvantages of GB Whatsapp. Please read them and decide whether you want to use them or not.

I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about GB Whatsapp If you haven’t read them, I urge you to read them now ^-^

If you want a Review of any other software or App through our website then definitely let us know by commenting so that we can continue to provide you with such awesome Reviews. Thanks for Reading By.

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