Payoneer vs PayPal? Which One is Best Ever

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There are thousands of Online Payment Methods But in this Article, we will discuss the top 2 Payment Methods: Payoneer and Paypal. I am sure that after reading the article carefully you will get all the standard answers between Payoneer and Paypal. And we will also compare both of them and know who is good and who is bad.


Payoneer is an Online Payment Service That was founded in 2005. They Provide Payment Services for Many Big Companies like Google and Airbnb. Payoneer users will be happy to know that Payoneer is the Default Payment Method of Many Freelancing Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork You might not even know that You Can Recieve Amazon Affiliate Payments through Payoneer.

Payoneer Only Accepts Bussiness Payments and is not available for local payments like Family, Freinds, etc. also if you transfer your local payment by making it a business payment, but still you may have to suffer a loss. I have described its advantages & disadvantages in another article You May Check ( Pros and Cons of Payoneer ).

if You are a freelancer and Work with Clients Directly without freelance marketplaces then you must have to use Payoneer. I really liked his International Payment feature. Payoneer accepts Over 150+ Currencies and is available in 200+ Countries. You Can Also Use Debit Card to Withdraw funds.

Payoneer Allows us to Use MasterCard to Withdraw funds (No Visa Card Options are available at this time) And yes, keep this in mind if you withdraw payment from your Payoneer account, it will go to your Payoneer Master card ( Not into Your Bank ) And you can use Payoneer MasterCard as a debit card and do online e-commerce purchasing and selling.

If you are a Payoneer user then you must have to know about her payment timing. it Takes 2-5 Bussiness Days to Transfer Money from Payoneer to Bank Account and Withdraws Money to US Bank Usually Takes 2-3 Bussiness Days. You Would be able to Make 30 Withdraws a Day from Payoneer with a $5000 Daily limit.

Payoneer Charges 1% on e-check Payments and 3% on Credit Card payments and if you transfer money from Payoneer to a local bank then it may charge $1.50 for Domestic funds and 2 fees for non-Local Currency. if you transfer funds in different currencies on Payoneer then it may charge 0.5% fees per transfer And yes if there is no activity with the Payoneer account in the last 12 months then the $29.95 fees will apply


PayPal is the world’s number one Digital payment method. It has been providing payments to millions of people online for many years. And we can also say that we discovered online banking because of PayPal.

What is the best online payment service

According to a survey, it has been found that around 426 million people use PayPal. Paypal is one of the latest payment processing services and withdrawal payments are very fast for its customers. And for withdrawing money from the bank, PayPal Provides Master Card like Payoneer, and PayPal does not charge an annual maintenance fee like Payoneer charges.

And yes if you have run out of balance in Your PayPal Account then you are able to transfer money from your bank credit card to Your PayPal by Connecting Both. PayPal’s Risk department is something that many users have complained about it And it happens that if you go against the policy of PayPal or take payments or do something else, then there are high chances to restrict your account by PayPal.

PayPal customer support is very good and if you have any problem with payment or have any problem you can contact her Support team they are very competent and very fast and If there are any problems, they will be solved.

Detailed Comparison:-

Account Opening FeesFREEFREE
Countries Available200+Almost Every Country
Annual Card fee$25.95$4.95/Month
Card Available CountryAlmost Every CountryDepends on the Card Type
Currencies150+ CurrenciesAlmost Every Currency
Credit Card Payment FEESFREEFREE
Currency Exchange FEES3.5%2.5%
Withdrawing Bank FEES1.50 EUR, USD or GBPDepends on the Card Type
3D Secure PaymentsYESYES
Card Limits$5000Depends on the Card Type
ATM Limits30 Withdraw Times in a DayDepends on The Card Type
Virtual CardsYESYES
Direct DebitNOYES
Recurring PaymentsYESYES
Group BillsNOYES
SupportEmail, Live chat, PhoneMessage, Phone
Payoneer vs Paypal


Payoneer vs PayPal? Which is best

I like PayPal’s service very well and their fees are very low their support and everything is already Good

Which online payment is best?

RazorPay and Paypal are the Best Online Payment Services

Which App is better than PayPal?

TransferWIse App is Better

Is there an alternative to Payoneer?

There are many Competators of Payoneer Major are:
– PayPal
– RazorPay
– Wise
– Ezetap


Maybe both payment service is good but I appreciate Paypal very much because its fees are very low and its deliveries and support and everything is very good but not that you consider Payoneer of them inferior It also provides very good service in itself.

I hope you guys like this valuable information I have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Digital Payment Services If you haven’t read them, I urge you to read them Now.

if you want to know the comparison of any other service or any other software from our website you can comment below and let us know. Thanks and Good By.

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