How To Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi

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How are you, friends, I hope you all are well. In today’s article, we are discussing How To Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi i was trying to write an article on this for several days But due to lack of time I have not been able to write for a few days but I can say with certainty that reading the article that I have written today will take away from the confusion and you will be able to Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi So let’s discuss the topic.

What is Glance in Mi Phone?

Some people are confused that it is a feature or App but I want to clear their confusion by saying that it is a feature that comes with Mobile. You might be thinking it’s just in Mi Phones but this is not at all This feature has been seen in a variety of Mobiles, like Realme, Xiaomi, etc.

The purpose of the feature is that it keeps changing the wallpapers and brings new wallpapers when you turn off your mobile and then turn them on But the condition is that you must be connected to the Internet To enjoy this feature Some people love it so much that they use it every day, But some people find this feature very useless and want to get rid of it.

Disadvantages of Glance Feature
Disadvantages of Glance Feature

Why did People want to Remove Glance From the Lock Screen?

Let me tell you some people are very upset with this feature and want to get rid of it very quickly. Because its drawback is that it shows Some Ads While Updating new Wallpapers And also adds some links to Home Screen and it looks very irritating And as far as I understand the biggest Drawbacks it has made is that it Consumes the data a lot And to middle-class people like us and you, it’s too bad to waste our Mobile Data

But keeping the drawbacks of this feature aside, we now know how to get rid of the feature and turn it off this feature exclusively. It is very easy to clear this feature but I will show you some steps here you can follow it whatever phone you have Doesn’t Matter. So Let’s Move to the Steps.

How To Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi

You can Remove Glance From the Lock Screen in Mi By Using Some Simple Steps I Mentioned Below :-

  • Open “Lock Screen” From “Settings
How To Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi

Find the Settings icon on Your Phone and Click it From here you will click on the settings icon then your settings will open and you have to scroll down a bit and there you have to click on “Lock Screen

  • Click on “Glance for Mi
How To Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi

If you guys will open the Lock settings then you will see an option “Glance for Mi” at the ending Click on it

  • Click on “Turn off
How To Remove Glance From Lock Screen in Mi

After Opening the “Glance for Mi” Settings, you have to Turn off the Option that was Shown in the image.


is Glance Only Available for Mi Phones?

No, It’s Not at all, Glance is Available for Many Phones like Xiaomi, and Realme…..

How to Remove Glance from Lock Screen?

Following are the Steps to Remove Glance from the Lock Screen :-

1. Open “Lock Screen” From “Settings
2. Click on “Glance for Mi
3. Click on “Turn off

Disadvantages of Glance?

There are Many Disadvantages of Glance and many peoples want to get rid of this feature.
Below these are the major 3 Disadvantages of Using the Glance feature :-
1. Consumes your Mobile Battery
2. Consumes your Mobile Data
3. Show Ads While using a Mobile

Conclusion :-

I Hope You Understand how to remove glance from lock screen in mi if you have still any doubts or face any error while applying the above steps then Please Comment down Below or You Can also contact us we will try to reply to you as soon as possible Thanks By.

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